5 Pearl Accessories You Need in Your Jewelry Collection

5 Pearl Accessories You Need in Your Jewelry Collection

Pearls are classified as a gemstone and used in jewelry. Naturally, they are most commonly sourced from mollusks. Within the soft tissue of the mollusk lay these beautiful, shining stones that we call pearls.

Many pearls are naturally perfectly round. This makes the pearl the only gemstone that doesn't need to be cut or shaped before being placed in jewelry pieces. Some pearls, however, are found in odd, abstract shapes. These pearls are called baroque pearls.

Baroque pearls come in many different naturally occurring shapes and sizes. This includes anything that isn’t a perfect sphere.

Composed of calcium carbonate, the same component that makes the shell of the mollusk, pearls are naturally hard and make for durable pieces of jewelry. The most valuable pearls, which are found in the wild, are called natural pearls. Natural pearls are rare and often difficult to find.

The majority of pearls that are sold are cultured pearls. Also known as farmed pearls, cultured pearls are sourced from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels.

Known for their natural shine and iridescence, pearls have become a symbol of purity and rarity. Pearls also make for classy, elegant accessories popular among many women.

At Treasure Fine Jewelers, we offer you an artfully curated selection of pearl jewelry including pearl rings, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces, and more! These pearl accessories will make the perfect new addition to any jewelry collection.

And in case you can’t decide or don’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pearl jewelry pieces that you won’t want to miss. Here are five pearl accessories that you need in your jewelry collection!

1. White Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Necklace

First on our list is this stunning pearl and diamond necklace. With 14k white gold, .4 CTW diamonds, and a freshwater cultured pearl, this necklace is an absolute must-have.

The small, intricate details make for a beautiful, dainty piece of jewelry that is sure to have your back for any occasion.

Wear this necklace on a casual day to dress up a simple outfit or on a fancy occasion to finish a glamorous look.

Not only are pearls a symbol of purity and elegance, but diamonds symbolize richness and love. With this necklace, you get the best of both worlds. The small diamonds come together in the shape of a triangle leading the eye down to the pearl which is the focal point of the necklace.

The diamonds beautifully complement and enhance the pearl, making this the perfect pearl necklace that is sure to be a staple in your jewelry collection.

2. Yellow Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet

This pearl bracelet has the elegant, classy look of a traditional piece of pearl jewelry and is a gorgeous piece you’ll definitely want to check out. With two strands of pearls going all around, this bracelet is a beautiful choice to add a sophisticated and feminine touch to any look.

The two rows of small freshwater cultured pearls joined by intricate 14k yellow gold details make this bracelet one you need in your wardrobe.

The beaded pearls resemble traditional styles of pearl necklaces and bracelets. Yet the subtle details, like the double row of pearls and the gold attachments, give the traditional piece a glamorous look that won’t go out of style.

So if you’re looking for a chic accessory that will do the talking for you, look no further. This bracelet makes it easy for you to effortlessly elevate any look and embrace the beautiful, classy woman you are.

3. White Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Hoop Earrings

Pearl earrings make for another great way to embody the elegance of the pearl. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of earrings to style with the blouse you bought for that important work meeting or your fancy date this weekend, you cannot go wrong with these pearl earrings.

The earrings are made from 14k white gold and feature a single freshwater cultured pearl. What makes these earrings stand out, however, is how the pearls are enhanced by hoops lined with an array of ⅙ CTW diamonds.

The diamonds and pearls together, as well as the hoop earring style, make these earrings a unique, elegant piece of jewelry that you’ll surely want to get your hands on.

These earrings are a pair that you’ve got to have in your jewelry collection. Your new favorite pearl earrings are waiting for you!

4. White White Freshwater Pearl Crescent Ring

If you’re looking for a cool new ring with a contemporary feel, look no further! This pearl crescent ring stands apart from the traditional styles that we often envision for pearl jewelry.

With 14k white gold, this ring features a crescent shape on one side and a beautiful freshwater pearl on the other. The crescent creates a space for the pearl to fit into a small gap between the two.

This piece is a perfect balance for when you want to capture the elegance of the pearl with a contemporary style.

Wear the freshwater pearl crescent ring to elevate a casual look or to pair with other pearl accessories for any occasion. It makes a beautiful gift too! All the young souls and astrology lovers in your life are sure to love this ring as much as we do.

5. Rose Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Pendant

Last, but definitely not least, on our list is this beautiful rose gold pearl pendant. This pendant offers a freeform style shape with an array of 0.5 CTW diamonds that create a perfect place for the pearl to sit.

The diamonds serve to complement and enhance the beauty of the pearl. That’s why this pendant won’t leave you to decide between the sparkle of the diamond and the iridescence of the pearl; you’ve got both right here in one.

So whether you need a pendant for that chain you have, a new rose gold accessory, or a gift for that special someone, this pearl pendant is the way to go!

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