Easter Jewelry Ideas

Easter Jewelry Ideas

Spring is here and that means Easter is right around the corner. With warmer days and new beginnings, it's time for Easter gifts and new jewelry pieces! 

Jewelry Gifts for Easter 

There’s no better Easter gift than a dainty new jewelry piece to celebrate the occasion. That’s why we’re bringing you our favourite jewelry pieces for this Easter! We’ve got some amazing spring finds as well as youth jewelry picks for the young ones in your life. Read on for our top Easter jewelry picks. 

1. Rose Diamond Heart Earrings

Rose Diamond Heart Earrings

 To kick off our list are these adorable rose heart earrings. The light pink color is perfect for Easter and makes for a chic, playful accessory. Not only do these earrings make the perfect Easter gift, but they can also be worn year-round for almost any occasion.  

2. Akoya Cultured Pearl Bracelet 

Akoya Cultured Pearl Bracelet

 Next up is this Akoya cultured pearl bracelet. With pearl jewelry, you can never go wrong. This classic pearl bracelet is such a chic, timeless accessory. The pink hue of the pearls makes the bracelet an even better piece for the spring and another amazing Easter gift. 

3. Rose Blue Zircon Heart Necklace

Rose Blue Zircon Heart Necklace

 Following the light pink Easter theme, this blue zircon heart necklace is our next top pick. The light pink and blue perfectly resemble the subtle pastel colors of Easter, making this necklace a great fit for the occasion.  

Youth Jewelry 

 With chocolates and Easter egg hunts, Easter is such a fun celebration for kids. For all the older kids and preteens in your life, however, you might want to get an extra special gift this Easter. 

At Treasure Fine Jewelers, we offer select youth jewelry pieces with the perfect sizes for all our young jewelry wearers. 

This Easter, you can find a charming jewelry gift for a daughter, niece, or any special young girl in your life. Here are some of our favourite youth Jewelry pieces.

1. Rose Imitation Citrine Youth Bracelet

Rose Imitation Citrine Youth Bracelet

 This citrine youth bracelet is such a great find! It comes in the perfect youth size and makes for an adorable, dainty accessory and a great Easter basket addition! 

2. Yellow Pearl Youth Butterfly Ring

Yellow Pearl Youth Butterfly Ring

 Another youth jewelry piece, this butterfly ring is the cutest little accessory to gift to any young girl. The pearl at the center of the butterfly adds the perfect glamorous touch, making this ring another adorable Easter jewelry gift. 

3. Pink Cubic Zirconia Heart Youth Earrings

Pink Cubic Zirconia Heart Youth Earrings

 The next youth jewelry piece is again nothing short of a dazzling Easter gift. Plus, you can never go wrong with a pair of little stud earrings! These pink heart ones are such a cute accessory that any little girl in your life is sure to love. 

4. Oval Amethyst Youth Heart Ring

Oval Amethyst Youth Heart Ring

Our last youth jewelry piece for this year's Easter gift picks is this Amethyst ring. The purple of the Amethyst gemstone and the hearts on either side make for such a fun, playful accessory. 

That’s all for our top jewelry picks for this Easter. Shop Treasure Fine Jewelers this Easter and find the perfect gift for anyone, including the young ones, in your life. 

Which jewelry piece was your favourite? Let us know down below! 

Have questions? Contact us and we’d be happy to get in touch. 


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