Fall jewellery trends for 2021

Fall jewellery trends for 2021


As summer comes to an end and we part ways with the short dresses and long days, fall is on the horizon. While we update our wardrobes to prepare for the new season, we see a great opportunity to change our jewelry collections too. 

Fun jewelry trends are a great way to keep your ensembles interesting as you bundle up for this fall. While hanging onto our timeless, go-to jewelry pieces, we’re so excited to incorporate some new pieces to tailor to this fall's jewelry trends! 

Fall jewellery trends for 2021

To learn more about some of this season’s best jewelry trends, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover which current jewelry trends are sticking around for fall 2021 and which new trends to look out for.  

Tubular, Fringe and Bib Necklaces

Starting off strong with some statement pieces, these necklaces are the first fall trend on our list. These short necklaces rest around the collar bone and are bold enough to be worn alone. A sophisticated embodiment of the choker necklace trend that we couldn’t seem to get away from, these metal necklaces are a new, on-trend jewelry piece that we love for this fall! 

Reimagined Pearls

Pearls have been in the spotlight repeatedly this year and will be staying for the fall. Reimagined pearl jewelry offers a unique twist on the classic pearl pieces that we’ve seen for so many years. This pearl jewelry retains the classy look of a pearl but with a refreshing, trendy feel. Now more than ever, you can let your creativity run free and experiment with the classic pearl jewelry concept. 

Statement gemstones

Bold and colorful gemstone jewelry was definitely a star amongst this year’s spring and summer jewelry trends. And it is here to stay for the new season! Statement gemstone jewelry, often inspired by vintage styles, is a great way to elevate all your looks for the upcoming holidays and events. This fall, get ready to showcase all your favourite gemstones and statement jewelry pieces.  

Retro punk

As we get cozy for fall, we often uncover nostalgia in our search for comfort. Maybe that's why we’re going back to trends and looks from previous decades. For this next jewelry trend, you’re encouraged to rock pieces inspired by 70s and 80s funk. Experiment with fun colors, shapes and styles for some interesting jewelry this fall! 

Chain Links and Charms

Chain links and charms are another trend that the jewelry world has been loving this year. These classic pieces are being revamped and re-worn for the fall. Charms and chainlinks are so versatile that they offer endless options whether it's in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings. 

Oversized Earrings

Sticking with the bold statement piece trend that we know and love, oversized earrings are a fall 2021 trend that we can't wait to hop on. These unique earrings are a great compliment to classy fall trends such as coats and chunky sweaters. Oversized statement earrings are also a great way to showcase your unique personal style even as you begin to bundle up for the cold. 

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