Platinum Wedding Bands: What You Should Know

Platinum Wedding Bands: What You Should Know


Ready to shop for your wedding band? Before you jump to a gold ring because that's what seems like the classic route, learn about platinum wedding bands! An overlooked metal type, platinum makes for some of the best wedding bands. A precious metal, platinum is durable, elegant, and classy. This makes it a great metal for a wedding band that doesn’t compromise on looks nor comfort or practicality for everyday wear. Platinum wedding bands come in various styles too, ranging from traditional styles to modern ones. 

How Platinum is Better than Other Metals 

One of the things platinum is known for is its purity. Whereas metals like gold are usually found in alloys, a platinum wedding band may consist of up to 98% platinum. Because platinum is commonly used in its purest form, it is usually more expensive than gold and silver. 

Platinum is also more rare than gold. The precious metal is dense and has a light grey color to it. With a high melting point, platinum is a durable metal, though not extremely hard.  

For those with sensitive skin who are worried about wearing their wedding band consistently, platinum is hypoallergenic meaning it is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Lastly, platinum again makes for a convenient wedding band choice because it can be resized. This means you can continue wearing your wedding band for years to come without worrying about your ring size changing over time. 

Benefits of Platinum Wedding Bands 

To sum up, here are some of  the main reasons to choose a platinum engagement ring: 

1. As mentioned, platinum is a hypoallergenic metal which is a great benefit for anyone who has sensitive skin or is worried about irritation
2. Platinum is also a rare precious metal and more durable than gold
3. Platinum does not sacrifice looks nor quality, making it great for both everyday wear as well as special occasions 

How to Take Care of Platinum Bands 

If you choose a platinum wedding band, you’ve made a great choice! Now you’ll have to ensure proper care to maintain your ring. The following are some pointers on how to take care of platinum wedding bands. 

Since platinum is not very hard, it may be subject to scratching. That's why an important part of taking care of your platinum ring is taking it off anytime you’ll be doing a lot of work with your hands. 

Keep the platinum band away from harsh chemicals such as cleaning products. If you’re doing any other activity with your hands that could scratch the platinum, such as gardening or fixing something using tools, you’ll also want to take your ring off. 

Though a scratch on platinum can be fixed by polishing the ring, remember that anything harder than platinum, such as diamond for example, can scratch the platinum. So keep that in mind and keep your ring away from such things to avoid those scratches. 

To clean your platinum ring, you may use a gentle soap and water if a platinum jewelry cleaning solution is not available, though the solution will be more effective. Generally, you should avoid submerging the ring in any liquid. Instead, clean it gently with your hands or a soft cloth. 

For more cleaning, polishing, or maintenance concerns, contact your jeweler. After some time wearing your platinum ring, it's always a good idea to get it cleaned or polished professionally to keep it maintained. 

Best Platinum Wedding Bands 

Now that you know all about platinum wedding bands, you’re ready to shop for one! Here are our top pics from Treasure Fine Jewelers’ platinum wedding band collection. 

1. Platinum 8 mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Platinum 8 mm Knife Edge Comfort Fit Wedding Band

First on our list is this 8mm platinum wedding band. With a simple, minimal style and polished, shiny finish, this ring makes for a great wedding band. The comfort fit ensures that the ring is extra comfortable and perfect for something you’ll be wearing everyday.

2. Platinum 4 mm Milgrain Half Round Wedding Band

Platinum 4 mm Milgrain Half Round Wedding Band

Next up is this 4mm platinum wedding band. The milgrain half round style and the narrow width make this wedding band a sleek, trendy piece that will look good for any setting!

3. Platinum 4 mm Square Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Platinum 4 mm Square Comfort Fit Wedding Band

The square shape of this next wedding band makes it such a modern and stylish wedding band. The smooth nature of the ring, the 4mm width, and the comfort band style of this wedding band ensure an easy and comfortable wear. This way, you won’t have to compromise on looks nor comfort!  

Shop these pieces and many more with our platinum wedding band collection! 

Have questions? Leave a comment or contact us and we’d be happy to help! 


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