Spring and Summer Jewelry Ideas

Spring and Summer Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry Trends for Spring/ Summer 

With the spring quickly approaching, it's time for a wardrobe revamp, and with that, comes new jewelry pieces for the season. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of favourite spring and summer jewelry trends for the upcoming months.

After a long winter, spring is finally upon us so get ready to be your brightest, boldest self this season with some on-trend jewelry styles like these.

Bangle Bracelets 

Bangle Bracelets

With both larger statement pieces and minimal bangle bracelets, there are so many options to choose from. Bangle bracelets are also so easy to style. They can be worn for almost any occasion and can simply be styled on their own. The first jewelry trend you need to know about for this spring and summer is bangle bracelets. This year has been all about statement pieces and bangle bracelets are a great way to hop on the trend this spring. Bangle bracelets are a trendy way to pull your look together and add an interesting element to any ensemble. 

Colorful Beads 

What says spring and summer better than colorful beads? This trend is so refreshing and playful that we’re confident it’ll make for some of the coolest jewelry pieces this season. 

The beautiful hues of the beads add a pop of color to any look and are the perfect accessory for both the spring and summer season. With colorful beads, any simple look can instantly be brought to the next level, leaving you looking glamorous and ready for the season! 

Floral Jewelry



Floral styles are another very well-suited trend for the occasion. As they say, April showers bring May flowers. So get your flowers ready!

Flowers are great as pendants, in earrings, as charms, or just about any other type of jewelry. 

This season, incorporate the floral trend into your jewelry for some artful, whimsical looks. 

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone jewelry is often a popular year-round trend. With lots of different birthstones and colors, you can almost never go wrong with gemstones. 

This spring and summer, gemstone pendants are in trend! Whether it's a simple pendant with your favourite color or a unique freeform gemstone pendant, you can’t go wrong with gemstone pendants. 

Statement Earrings


If you’re looking for an accessory that’ll speak for itself, bold statement earrings are the way to go! Like lots of other statement jewelry pieces, statement earrings are the perfect way to elevate any ensemble and create a fun, bold look for the spring and summer. 

Statement earrings make for unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that you can’t go wrong with. With the new season, what better time to add some fun, interesting pieces to your jewelry collection. 

That’s a wrap of all our favourite jewelry trends for this spring and summer. Go on and revamp your jewelry collection for the new season! 

Let us know what jewelry trend was your favourite and contact us should you have any questions!  

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