Your Intro to Gemstones

Your Intro to Gemstones

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are cut and polished mineral crystals that are often used in jewelry.

What Makes Gemstones Valuable?

Generally speaking, gemstones are valuable because of their rarity. However, the value also comes from the beauty and richness of the colors as well as the durability of these naturally occurring jewels.

Since ancient times, gemstones have been seen as valuable and often used in jewelry. Factors like color, luster, brightness, and shine are a few characteristics that determined the value and beauty of gemstones. As I mentioned, durability was also very important as the gemstone had to retain its quality over time.

Do Gemstones have Powers?

Since their discovery, many people have believed that gemstones have mysterious powers.

Not only were gemstones valuable for their beauty in jewelry, but powers for healing, connection, and more were also believed to come from gemstones. To this day, certain gemstones are attributed to corresponding powers.

For instance, a diamond is seen to hold the power of love, and amethyst is believed to be a symbol of peace and spirituality. Just like this, each gemstone has been attributed with qualities or “powers” such as protection and healing.

How many Gemstones are there?

Over time, over 2000 natural minerals have been discovered and identified. However, only about 100 of these natural minerals are recognized and used as gemstones. And of these gemstones, only 16 are actually popular among us.

Two common minerals of the 16 that are popularly used as gemstones include beryl and corundum. Beryl is what emeralds and aquamarines are sourced from and corundum is the mineral that we get rubies and sapphires from.

The remainder of these common gemstones includes diamond, feldspar, chrysoberyl, garnet, topaz, jade, turquoise, lazurite, olivine, opal, zircon, quartz, spinel, and tourmaline.

Each of these is most commonly known for its unique color and often used in popular jewelry.

How are Gemstones Sourced?


Gemstones have to be mined from deep under the surface of the Earth. Once mined, these minerals are cut using different methods depending on the hardness of the substance. This is to ensure that the gemstones are in their desired shape and that they are cut in a way that improves their brilliance and shine.

The gemstone may also undergo certain processes to enhance its color. These processes may include exposing the gemstone to high temperatures, applying pigments, or other methods that will change or brighten the color of the gemstone.

Finally, the gemstones can be polished and placed in fine jewelry.

Gemstones make popular components in jewelry today just like they did in ancient times. They make beautiful jewels for rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. A gemstone can personalize a piece of jewelry or make it meaningful for the buyer. For instance, the color of the gemstone or its attributed powers may be important to you.

What are Birthstones?

There is also a specific gemstone designated to those born in each respective month of the year. These are called birthstones. Don’t know what your birthstone is? Use this chart as a reference:
























Blue Topaz

Birthstones make jewelry with gemstones a popular purchase as people can match different pieces with their birthstone. This also makes for a popular gift for occasions like birthdays when you can give your loved one a special piece with their respective birthstone.

Thinking of Buying your own Gemstones?

That’s a great idea! Gemstones make some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry.

These jewelry pieces can range from minimal ones like a gold band with a small gemstone or a simple pendant, to super unique pieces with distinctive shapes and cuts. The options are almost endless.

Whether you're looking for a particular birthstone for a special gift or a certain gemstone because it's your favorite color, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Shop our fine selections of gemstone jewelry today! Find your favorite gemstone in a gemstone necklace, gemstone earrings, gemstone rings, gemstone bracelets, and gemstone pendants.

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