6 Jewelry Trends you Need to Know for 2023

6 Jewelry Trends you Need to Know for 2023

It’s the New Year and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only does this New year bring a new beginning but it also means that you survived 2022- and that's something to celebrate.

To commemorate the occasion, we’re bringing you all the jewelry trends you won’t want to miss out on for this upcoming year. We’ve got all the jewelry trends from the past year that we loved too much to let go of as well as the trends we saw on runways this past season that are coming into fashion as we speak.

Here are 6 fine jewelry trends that you need to know of for 2023.

1.Gold and Bold

Gold jewelry is a classic component of almost every woman's wardrobe. And although that's no different for 2023, there is newfound popularity amongst sculptural gold jewelry.

There is something inherently magical about gilded, sculptural gold jewelry,” says Daisy Shaw-Ellis in her recent Vogue article  about embracing the allure of sculptural Jewelry this season. And I am not one to disagree! These chic jewelry pieces that embody works of art are an elegant, fashion-forward accessory, perfect for any occasion.

Hop onto the trend with this 14K Hammered Bangle Bracelet and 14K Freeform J-Hoop Earrings.

Chunky, gold jewelry is also not leaving us this new year. We know that neither gold nor chunky jewelry is new, but this year, there’s a rise of even bigger and bolder gold statement pieces as seen in Proenza Schouler 2020 and Oscar de la Renta Spring 2020.


If you needed a sign to be your boldest self this year, this is it!

These huge statement pieces, entering a realm of oversized jewelry, are absolute works of art. They elevate any ensemble and their large size inevitably creates a great deal of visual interest.

2.Onto the Chain Train

With all the bold, unique statement pieces, it's impossible to ignore one recurring 2021 jewelry trend: chain links. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets, chain link jewelry is everywhere. These pieces from Zimmerman 2020 and Jhonathan Simkhai Fall 2020 Ready-To-Wear are some of our favorite examples.

Photo :IsidoreMontag/Gorunway.com

From the large chain necklaces that fall under the chunky statement piece trend to more simple and wearable chain link jewelry, this one’s not a trend you’ll want to miss out on this year.

And in case the large, runway-style jewelry isn’t what you want for an everyday piece (we’re guessing it's not), here are some simple chain link pieces we think would be a great addition to your wardrobe so you can keep your jewelry collection trendy and fashion-forward.


Continuing with the chain trend, it's worth noting that many designers didn’t stop at just the chain link. Lots of chain link jewelry, especially necklaces, included charms and pendants.

Victoria Beckham
Photo: Press Office/Imaxtree

Photo: Danielle Oberrauch/Imaxtree

Pendants like locks and initials have become common among simple everyday chain necklaces. 


3.Pearls for the Girls

Pearls have made for classic, timeless jewelry throughout the years. But this year, pearls are back with some refreshing modern takes on the classic pieces. The following are some trending jewelry styles we’re seeing this season.
As for a classic pearl necklace with uniform pearls all around and a gold pendant, Vivienne Westwood’s Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker and Mini Bas Relief Choker have been all the rave lately.


 Photos: viviennewestwood.com

And in case you weren’t looking for a necklace but earrings, dangling chain earrings with pearls are another trending jewelry style for 2021 that you can shop right now!

Now for a more interesting take on the pearl trend, let us introduce you to the uprising of baroque pearls. The imperfect shapes of baroque pearls make them perfect for some one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that you’ll want to get your hands on for 2021!

This Nura Baroque Pearl Pendant Charm by Monica Vinader is the perfect example of the baroque pearl giving jewelry pieces a modern twist as opposed to the classic pearl.

Photo: monicavinader.com  

Learn more about pearls and discover the pearl accessories you need in your collection here.

4.Long Necklaces and Layering

Although we’ve been all about choker necklaces for what seems like forever, long necklaces are finally back in style for 2021. Many long necklaces serve as statement pieces with artful pendants hanging low on the chest or midriff.

Long necklaces are also useful for another 2021 jewelry trend: layering. Wearing multiple complementary necklaces of different lengths layered amongst one another is a popular jewelry concept for this year.

So if you’re not ready to let go of your choker necklaces, you can still keep up with the returning long necklace trend. All you have to do is layer your favorite pieces together. Common layering combinations include short chain link necklaces and complementary long necklaces with artful pendants.

This long silhouette is also embodied through another unique jewelry trend we bet you wouldn’t have thought of: bags as necklaces. Something about the irrationality of the idea just makes it fitting for a modern fashion trend.

Lots of designer brands have showcased this concept and although we wouldn’t recommend this purse for putting your things in, how cool is this iconic Chanel necklace from Vogue’s Spring 2021 Jewelry Trend Report?

Photo: Grillo - Viero / Gorunway.com

5.Silver is Back

A lot of jewelry has seemingly been all about gold lately. But for everyone who's been waiting for silver jewelry to start trending again, we’ve got good news.

Although both gold and silver jewelry make for classic pieces, we’ve been seeing gold everywhere for quite some time so it was refreshing to hear that silver is back!

Shop the finest sterling silver jewelry today. With sterling silver necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants, we’ve got all the silver jewelry you could want.   


6.Single/Asymmetrical Earrings

We may be used to wearing two earrings, both identical, in each ear, but what better time than now to experiment with the way we wear our jewelry?

For 2021, we’re introducing some opposition to the symmetry we may have been used to. This jewelry trend involves both single and asymmetrical earrings.

This asymmetry creates a great deal of visual interest and can allow us to appreciate the art that is jewelry.

This baroque pearl earring featured by Hellesy is the perfect example of the asymmetry of a single earring creating a modern look as opposed to a pair.

Photo: Victor Virgile/Getty Images 

And if you didn’t want to skip that second earring entirely, these mismatched earrings featured by Adeam make for a chic pair. The gold, pearls, and round shapes in each earring create a sense of cohesiveness while the asymmetry of the different designs creates an interesting, artful look.


Photo: Press Office/Imaxtree

These Lunar Earrings by Mounser and this Bvlgari Malachite & Sugillite Single Earring  are some of our favourite pieces for you to hop onto the trend.

Lunar Earrings

Photo: mouser.com                                           Photo: saksfifthavenue.com

Now that you know all the 2021 jewelry trends to look out for, get out there and be your boldest, most fashionable self this year!


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